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Award winning author J.R. Turner writes action, adventure and romance. Visit to read excerpts, articles, and more. Turner invites readers to contact her at

10k in a Day
Want to produce more? Want to submerge yourself deeper into your work in progress? This article shares positive steps to help bolster your productivity.

A Voyage to Voice
Simple, easy steps to help you discover your own voice and how it applies to your work.

 Creating a Mission Statement
Put a diamond-head focus on your work in progress and craft a gem of a story!

Creative Outlining
An effective creative tool for those who find traditional outlines too restricting and clumsy.

 Dialogue Damage Control
Learn the basic formats and how to avoid mistakes in crafting succinct dialogue for any work.

 Filters: What They are and How to Avoid Them
An easy tool for creating tight, stellar prose to better convey depth of character and excellent storytelling.

 Five Steps to Concrete Creative Fiction
An easy, manageable guideline for writing a short story or a scene in a novel.

Marketing Before Publication
Excellent ideas on how to self-promote and begin your career before making the first sale.

 The Superwriter’s Four I’s of Great Storytelling
Learn how to unleash the awesome power of great storytelling and develop your stories to their fullest potential.

 Where’s the Why?
Authors often get caught up in the where and how of a story, learn the importance of sharing the why and developing your characters to their full three-dimensions.

 You Might Be A Writer IF…
A fun read for every struggling author! Best enjoyed with your favorite chocolate.


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