Roto-Writer to the Rescue!  Need help rooting out those pesky problems clogging your writing? Do you find yourself blocked by conflicting feedback? Receive a friendly and concise critique and become flush with saleable works!


“I wrote a story and wasn’t happy with it. I read it, revised it, and read it again. What was I doing wrong? I knew it had problems, but I was too close to see how to fix them. How did I overcome this dilemma? Roto-Writer Critique! Jenny’s critiquing service was the answer! She found all my trouble spots and provided me valuable, constructive feedback, and my story went from ordinary to something I’m proud of, something that I can submit for publication.
I would recommend writers at all levels wanting to improve their writing to try Roto-Writer Critique. Jenny’s feedback is insightful, and inspiring. Give it a whirl!” ~P. June Diehl

“I found Jenny’s feedback to be helpful and honest. Her light-hearted editing style helped me see how many aspects of my story could be improved. Her advice and her wise words taught me to take my writing to the next level.” ~Faye Whyte, Author

“What a critique! Fabulous. Now it’s up to me to apply it. Thanks for your insights, your constructive suggestions and your encouragement. I’m grateful.” ~Paul Silverman


3,000 word critique: $25.00

roto site pic

Submission package (First 3 chapters, Synopsis and Query): $100.00

Full Manuscript critique 50-75K: $500.00

(Just comments without critique: $200.00

Full Manuscript critique 76-110K: $750.00
(Just comments without critique: $275.00

Full Manuscript rewrite 50-75K: $1000.00
Full Manuscript rewrite 76K-110K: $1500

Rotowriter strives to encourage every level of aspiring and published author. We work to develop payment plans and to retain the business of our clients through excellent service and dedication to the project and the person. If you’re interested in using this service, please contact Jenny Turner at to discuss how Rotowriter can help you!


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